Faith Justice Network-Meeting Minutes September 10, 2013

Small World Learning Center

  • Jamie opened mtg. w/ prayer at 6:41pm and restated mission/vision.
  • Betty shared Ps. 12:1 for the biblical justice message.
  • Praises:

Carolyn (AWARE) went to 1st Responder’s training. Presented several detention students Deceptions/Illusions and they want it to be part of their curriculum. Met with 25 Benton Franklin Public Health Network nurses and trained them. Speaking at River’s Edge HS and Ridgeview Community Facility in Yakima.

Tricia: SOAP project during Boat Races. Poster of 12 missing girls was passed out and 3 were found. Many hotels were willing and excited to take the SOAP.

Betty: Coalition wrote thank you note for FJN providing food/water for the 1st Responder’s Training. Chinese intern (David) created the FJN website. He also became a Christian while staying here!

  • Announcements

Evolution of the FJN; great discussion about the future of the network. Need volunteers to take on small roles. People that are gifted in administration. Charitable status in the state. Do we need a board? Commitment until Feb. to help steer conversations about our future. Interested people can sign up tonight. Also need help with set up/take down for mtgs.

  • Presentation

Speaker: Elizabeth from New Edge Marketing report. Did the study pro bono. Main focus was DMST. Numbers are based on this group. Main challenges include awareness and judicial system. Govt. agencies either don’t talk or don’t have training. Gave many national stats on trafficking. Discussed the “supply chain” theory.  Showed demand and supply side.

  • Upcoming Events

Aware Meeting: September 12, 6:30 pm—contact Michelle Withers 205-8672 or email her at michelle.goals@gmail.com,

Ignite Youth Mentoring Golf Buddies, September 14th, 9-noon, contact Sheila@igniteyouthmentoring.com

Soroptimist walk to STOP Human Trafficking, September 28, 8:30 am Columbia Park Marina.  contact 430-4914 or 3tcsat@gmail.com or www.facbook.com/3TCSAT

Freed Ministry Documentary Night presented September 20th  6:30-8:30 pm,  @ Bethel Church, Chosen, Their Story & Here?  Contact freed509@gmail.com.

October 2, 7-8 pm, PBS (KTNW & KWSU) airing full length version of “Here?  Sex Trafficking in our Community!”  Followed by live broadcast of panel discussion with phone in questions by viewing audience.  Contact Betty at bla60@charter.net.

Freedom 21 20 days, September 10-30,  of prayer and fasting for worldwide human trafficking.  There is an excellent 21-day Prayer Guide which could be used during this 20 day initiative or anytime.  Here’s the link:
http://gallery.mailchimp.com/2c8533b164a12dac690d3544f/files/Freedom21_PrayerGuide_Full.pdf.  For more information contact: Rosie Phillips, USRPN Washington State Coordinator rosiephillips22@gmail.com

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