Faith Justice Network Meeting

June 9, 2014

Biblical Justice by Renee Martin: Mercy, Compassion and Justice is the face of God. She does this through Foster Adopt. “You may not change the world, but for that child you will change the world.”

1st Speaker Senator Sharon Brown: Presented with a powerpoint and offered it to anyone interested. You can e-mail Senator Sharron’s aid to get a copy of the presentation.

-Washington has an A on Human Trafficking

-Passed several bills recently and were signed by the governor. One of the major bills that was passed was making trafficking perpetrators a felony rather than a misdemeanor at the state level

-She thinks the next bill will focus on additional tools or resources to local law enforcement and also on children

-Encouraged to present to the city counsel and then come back when they are going to do their budget

Email: Sharon.Brown@leg.wa.gov

 2nd Speaker Franklin County Detective Lee Borrow:

-Been in law enforcement for 22 years

-Has become more aware of the issue and aware of questions to ask

-Investigates all major crimes in Franklin County

-There are only 2 detectives in Franklin County so manpower is limited

-Has recently partnered with other law enforcement and coalition to develop a protocol

-Many times the victim is fearful and hesitant to cooperate to collecting evidence for a good case is difficult

-Once the victim is identified, their basic needs are addressed by mainly SARC and CPS. The goal is to place kids with a family member if possible.

-The detectives stay in contact with the victim and keep them informed with the case especially when they have to go to trial.

-Detectives know more now to ask questions when the pick up runaways. Why, when and How? They used to just return run aways to their parents which they now know could be their perpetrators.

-Need enforcement to be more educated.

-Interested in training opportunities

-There should be shaming to help discourage perpetrators

E-mail: Lbarrow@co.franklin.wa.us


WAEngage: Not in my city postcards can be ordered

Sign up for a local training for advocacy hosted by IJM

Freed is working on Suds project during boat races.

Freed is having Sold exhibit in June and July

Soroptimist: Sept 13th with be the awareness walk

June 15th Clayton Butler will be here at Sharehouse

Faith Justice Network: Wayne is available to speak about our group

Contact: waynepelly209@gmail.com


Next Meeting is September 16th at Richland Library. It will focus on the demand side of trafficking

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