Minutes 9-16-14

Faith Justice Network Meeting

Tuesday, September 16, 6-8pm

Richland Public Library, Gallery



6:05 pm—Ted Talk: Why I stopped watching Porn

Ted Talk that specifically addresses the link between porn and the sex industry: https://


6:20 pm—Speaker Lisa Godwin: Growing up in a home with a victim & perpetrator—how does healing happen? Understanding identity in Christ. Having other men come along side other men.Signs she saw: porn addiction, codependency in the family, threats, abuse, desperation, clothing, lies, no accountability of time, lack of finances, low self esteem and look on face. Prayer requests: other men to mentor men, churches to support healing, dad to continue to heal and start ministry.

6:50–Richard Griswold, Leader Pure Desire Men’s Groups—RSDA Church

Richard has started a support group based on a book titled, “Pure Desire.” He attended a training also.The goal is to talk about it in the church. On focus is on how healing can occur through the cycle of addiction. He says it is one of the hardest addictions to break free of. The program is 1 year and can take 3-5 years with a miracle every day. They share testimony to the church as a way bring the issue into the light and to invite others and to bring healing. He stated that it is important to have the pastor to support ministry. They have programs for both genders and all ages. They have mandatory reporters but other than that it is confidential until that person is open to share outside of the group.

7:05—Kelly Larsen & JoDee Garretson introduction to Pasco Discovery Coalition & how the faith community can assist: Youth, faith community, media, parents Jennifer Dorsett, Coordinator of Prosser Discovery Coalition: wants to tap into faith based communities to add to their coalition. Having a free training in “guiding good choices” curriculum and they are asking to teach it at Prosser in exchange. Facilitator training at Prosser alternative school October 13th-15th. Kelly Larsen, Coordinator of Pasco Discovery Coalition: Spoke about her work in East Pasco to reduce alcohol and drugs among students in that area. She stated that they have an intervention specialist at Ochoa and also provide a parenting program. The Pasco Coalition meets every 2nd Thursday of each month at 3:15-4:45 pm at Ochoa. Speakers and training are provided. Need surveys completed by Pasco residents.

September 27th: Prescription Drop off at Balloon event in Prosser.

October 7th 6:00-8:00 at CBC: Speakers about about the laws about drugs and alcohol

JoDee Garretson: Spoke about an upcoming SARC advocacy training and verbal abuse training

7:20—Recap of SUDS program (Amber Bruce): Stopping Underage Domestic Sex Trafficking. Delivered soap to 29 hotels which equals about 5000 bars of soap. There was a good response from hotels. Going to implement Best Alliance Programs/ Inhospitable Trafficking program to provide training to hotel, law enforcement and victim providers.


Freed: Last weekend of September is the National weekend of prayer for trafficking victims

Soroptimists: Just had a 5K walk, 87 people participated, happy to see article in the newspaper about it. Received a $5500 training for medical/healthcare students and law enforcement on the issue of human trafficking.

FJN: Opportunity to donate for emergency situations for victims because all previous donations have been used for such cases.

Christie: Shared that she and her daughter, Rebecka and some other young people held signs that said, “Real Men don’t buy girls.” They also handed out information and gathered so many people to hold signs, even people that didn’t even know what trafficking was. Touched many people driving by.

Through this experience she has started an organized group.

7:40—Close in Small Group Prayer

8:00—Q & A with speakers

8:30—Meeting Close

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