Minutes 12-1-14

Faith Justice Network Meeting 
December 1, 2014
Kennewick Library
Brent and Jan: retired as police officers at age 40 and then was seeking Christian service. Went to Bosnia for 16 years with the United Nations.  Saw a lot of children beggars as slaves. Then went to Kosovo to investigate sex crimes. Saw a lot of organ trafficking. Have traveled many countries and saw trafficking everywhere. In Lebonon, although it has a high living standard, there was domestic trafficking which was supported by the law. They would send the maids to jail if they left. There was about 2 “suicides”  of maids a week.  In India, she met a professor that supported trafficking because “men need to be happy” in areas when they are working away from their families. She realized that sometimes values and beliefs don’t change. There are many people in US that may be trafficked and we don’t recognize it. The main thing about serving internationally is to be Willing. When she was traveling internationally, there wasn’t a day she didn’t feel God called her there. Attending church helped build relationships. They were able to share about their faith through their lives and devotion to their service. She spent a lot of time getting to know other people’s beliefs.
In early 1970, he saw trafficking but didn’t recognize it. He saw prostitutes traveling, now he calls it slavery. When they were in Kosovo, there wasn’t police. The UN was the police and had no mechanism to stop human trafficking. He was the director of investigations in India.  One of the main areas with brothels there was about 60,000 people living there. Many times the women would go back especially if there are there a long time. Many are dying of aids and their children become slaves.  In India, it was a crime to speak about Christ.
Melanie: 11 million undocumented. 72% of food is touched by a undocumented worker. Many of them are away from their families for many years. People are in such poverty that are willing to Take the risk of coming to the United States. Recommends the documentary “Rape in the Fields.” One thing that would be helpful, there has to a relationship to know what is going on and investing in leaders among the people. Other farms will try to recruit to through deception.
Wayne: Book Review Of “Walking Prey”
Amber: a new nonprofit is forming called Mirror Ministries
Seroptomists applied for a grant and received 5,500 for training for local law enforcement.  Had a local training in November for 3 days with a forensic nurse.  Trained 230 people in the Tri-Cities
KPD hosted and they broadcasted this with law enforcement personnel and prosecutors from Yakima to walls Walla as well.  28 nurses, physicians session with 10 physicians including from hermitston.
Had nearly 200 students locally who are going into medical fields.
Aces – adverse childhood experiences
New organizations being formed in the Tri cities
Correlation between adverse childhood experiences and issues people face in adulthood.
Benton Franklin health department leading this – looking for volunteers to look at gaps in services.
Next meeting early January 6th or 9th.
Prayer for Brent and Jan for awareness and for Melanie as she is working with a vulnerable population that indigenous leaders would be raised up within that group.

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